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July 9, 2018 Daily Devotion from Vernon UMC

Devotional at Vernon UMC

Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire

09 JUL 2018

"...Yet those who wait for the LORD Will gain new strength; They will mount up with wings like eagles, They will run and not get tired, They will walk and not become weary..."
~ Isaiah 40:31

Anybody who has been a Christian for any length of time knows that there are periods in your walk with God when you simply feel distant and even disconnected from Him. Even those who have been Christians for a very long time can experience these “spiritual slumps. You attend church every Sunday, you may even serve on a few church committees, sing in the choir. You may even be the pastor of a church. All of us have experienced the spiritual doldrums. Why does this happen? How does this happen? What is the problem?

The answer is that life happens. There are times when our walk with God is interrupted by life’s nagging realities. Life’s worries and concerns that create pressure and stress, problems and troubles that test your faith, crisis of all kinds that seem bigger than you, and even the pleasures in this life can become a stumbling block.

I find that when I go through those seasons of spiritual emptiness, I find that prayer is my goto position. One of our vital links to God is prayer and when we become silent in prayer, it seems God becomes silent in our lives. Being in a spiritual slump, the last thing you feel like doing is praying, but that’s exactly when you need to be praying the most. When you don’t feel like praying, pray immediately, because that may be a sign you’re in a spiritual slump. Pray to God to help you out of your spiritual slump, to increase fervor and persistence in your spiritual life, His grace working along with your cooperation. Start your day or prayer times with simple, pleading words such as “Lord, change me...Lord, save me.” Jesus loves to shake people out of their spiritual ruts and normal grooves. He does this all throughout the Scriptures; remember the woman caught in adultery? I’m thinking she had a pretty different spiritual life after allowing Christ to turn her in another direction. Jesus has no less desire to come into our spiritual lives and do some tune-up work, too.

When it comes to physical fitness, doing the same form of exercise every day can eventually put you at a physical standstill. The same thing happens in our spiritual lives. So mix things up a bit. For example, go outside to pray in nature or go out of your way to pray at a chapel room at work, or go to a local church during your lunch hour if those aren’t traditional prayer spots for you. Count your blessings at the beginning of your prayer time, as opposed to skipping straight to petitioning God for your needs.

We must animate ourselves by the thought that God is always with us, that He only allows this trial for our greater good, and that we have not necessarily lost His grace because we have lost the taste and feeling of it.” So pray, ask for help, do something (even something different than you’re used to), and never lose hope that God is always with you, in times of spiritual fruitfulness and in those slumps, too.

Father, help me to follow Your love as a complete example of what love is. Love does behave unseemly, nor is it resentful or jealous. Help me to fill my life with Your love, not with things that corrupt.

Father, we need personal revival in our spiritual and physical lives. We need to be set ablaze again for Jesus. We need the fresh fire of God to fight the battles that life puts before us. We need the fire of the Holy Spirit to enable us to fulfill our destiny.

In the precious name of Jesus,

Be encouraged and stay strong; be blessed and be a blessing to others.
Peace, Love & Joy

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